Buccaneer Bistro

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Cheese Plate - Gourmet fine French cheeses$7
Olives - Marinated in rum$4
Welsh Rarebit - Sounds like rabbit, but actually it's toast!$8
Pirate Salad - Assorted seaweeds in a creamy rum dressing$7
Citrus Salad - Assorted citrus fruits, prevents scurvy$11
Hardtack (Sea Biscuits) - Slightly stale, but very filling$7
Polly Wants a Cracker - Gourmet crackers, fit for a parrot$4

Jellyfish Sandwich - Jellyfish on Hardtack, comes with or without stinging tentacles$10
Voodoo Jerk Chicken - This chicken was a jerk, but quite tasty$16
Grilled Prawns on Sticks - Marinated in coconut milk$18
Sea Turtle Soup - Turtle in a creamy rum broth$20
Walk the Plank Steak - Jamaican beef cooked on a drifwood plank$27
Pot of Clams - Fresh daily, smothered in butter$14

Rum Cake - Cake made from fine Port Royal Rum$9
Raw Sugar Cane - So sweet, so chewy$5
Tropical Fruit Sorbet - Mango, Kiwi, Banana, Pineapple$7

Mashed Yams - Seasoned with our secret spices$3
Plantain - Fried in brown sugar and butter$4
Caribbean Corn Soufflé - Baked to golden perfection$5
Yuca with Garlic Sauce - Boiled yuca with zesty garlic sauce$6

Lemomade - with ginger and lime$3
Blackbeard's Special *** - Rum spiced with gunpowder$10
Bilge Water - Iced seawater with a slice of limeFree

*** As gunpowder is highly toxic, not recommended for expectant mothers or children under 12