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Why is there no noble prize in MATHEMATICS? Here's the answer

E very year the Noble Prize is awarded to people in the fields of Physics, Chemistry, Medicine, Economics, Literature and Peace. Now, while that seems normal when you read it immediately, has it ever occurred to you that there is no Noble Prize in Mathematics? Your teachers and your parents - despite the fact that they secretly hate the subject - will tell you that Mathematics is the purest science and without Mathematics and calculations, other sciences would cease to exist. Yet, no Noble Prize in Mathematics. "Why?" Well here are some points to discuss about.

  1. Here's a tale which many believe is an urban legend.
    • One tale goes that Alfred Noble, while writing his will, did not mention a Noble Prize for Mathematics because of a love affair that had gone wrong. Alfred Noble was in love with a girl, when he was in college and eventually married her. But to his dismay, the girl ran away with a Swedish mathematician Gosta Magnus Mittagleffler. In complete anger, Nobel apparently refused to acknowledge Mathematics as a subject and refused to award people prizes for that subject.
      However, as movie-like and exciting the theory sounds, it is false, as Alfred Noble never married.

  2. Then, why did he forget to provide a prize for Mathematics? Here are some theories then, which are interesting but not filled with masala like the theory above.

    • Although Alfred Noble had done a lot of work in Physics and Chemistry, Mathematics never interested him as a subject. He was also extremely well-read and was said to have a library of all the literary classics in them.
    • Alfred Noble was also interested in discoveries and inventions and things that were pratical oriented. Since Mathematics was mainly theory based, which is why, he felt, that a Noble Prize wasn't essential.

So despite popular belief, which was more entertaining, the Noble Prize in Mathematics was actually never awarded because Alfred Noble felt that it wasn't much of a pratical oriented subject.