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About Us

There are basically two kinds of work in this world. One is the laborious work, where people work due to obligation and the other is a very different kind of work. We at interestship nurture and entertain the latter oneThe work where you toil away endleesly often through the wee hours of the morning failing to keep track of time-on projects you care about deeply.Be it writing a piece of programming code or may be pulling an all-nighter just to write a song,you do it because you love it. Interestship is a dream (read: company) of young and passionate enthusiasts to provide a platform for fellow students and promising startups to connect and work together on common domains of interest. We, at Interestship, aim to serve the interest of individuals in a unique way by giving them an opportunity to work as interns and possibly at a later stage as full time employee of the upcoming companies of the country. Interestship aims to provide the best and the desirable talent to the companies by recruiting the students according to a well designed three step filtering mechanism.