dominic n is a web designer and developer for the past 2 and a half years    

who am i?

welcome to my name is dominic njoroge
and am a webdesigner and developer
feel free to go through my work.
if you are interested contact me.

how i conduct my work

when you contact me there is a form you write
it contains your name,contacts,budget,
duration to complete the work and your
brief description on how you want your site to be like

then i will get in touch with you and ask you a few question
on ther areas you might have not touched on
we shall agree on the budget and the duration
then i will ask you for the required files which after being submitted

I will start the work,at the end i will post it on a web then send you the url
if you like it you send the agreed amount
and then i send you the complete files then we finalize the agreement