1.      Scope of work

The initial contract will be for 12 months – you may request for continued workload after every submission of 15 calendar days of working. I.e. you may get maximum 23 cycles, where each cycle will be of 15 calendar days and comprising of 250 input TIF image files per seat.

The scope of said work is typing text of provided TIF image in the given software using the format specified in the Agreement

It is further agreed and understood that the Second Party shall indemnify the First Party against any claim, or attachment or demand or forfeiture or loss, arising out of or resulting from any act of representatives/agents/attorneys/employees of the Second Party on any account what so ever.     


2.             Process of qualifying

The Second Party has to perform for the said work with the require minimum accuracy level of 50.1% as per the technical specification for the quality manuals as given in Annexure, the same has to be submitted within given time duration.        
After last date of submission of work, the first party will generate quality report for the same to the Second Party by maximum 10 calendar days.


3.             Quality Control and accuracy        

The Second Party shall take maximum care on accuracy and delivery schedule of the data execution job. Time and accuracy is essence of this contract, any delay in delivery or accuracy less than acceptance levels will lead to rejection of the assignment as well termination of this agreement and invoking of risk and cost clause. Accuracy of 90.1% is set as standard for quality acceptance, whereas, the minimum acceptable accuracy is 50.1%.   
First Party will provide the accuracy report of submitted work in maximum 10 calendar days after the last date of submission of work. First Party is not responsible for giving correspondence and guidelines or reimbursement for the said work against the clauses mentioned in this agreement.

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